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Project Description
A lightweight object-to-relational data mapper for .NET that supports nested transaction, fluent API and standalone database.


  • Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Built-in XML file database and in-memory database for standalone applications and for caching.
  • Easily extensible to other database engines.
  • XML database is also a great way to save seed data from development to production deployment.
  • Same API is used for all database. This enables:
    • No dependency on a specific database engine.
    • Change database engine in different application versions
    • Import / export data from one DBMS or another
    • Mix-and-match data topology (example: SQL Server on Server, Access on client app, and in-memory for caching)
  • Fluent API that supports both immediate and deferred execution mode.
  • Unlimited nesting of transaction. Transaction and nesting are supported even if the underlying database engine does not.
  • Database structure can be generated easily from code. No need to use an external tool and weird commands.
  • Standalone query object for deferred mode can be used to transfer queries across domains and across layers. (Example: single query from client application can be sent to server. On server, the same query can be injected with security checking. Then the query is sent to THN DAL for execution. The results are filtered on the server, then everything is sent back to the client. Note: this library by itself does not handle networking)


This library was developed in 2005 by THN Solutions LLC and designed by software architect Nguyễn, M. Hải. In 2014, THN decided to opensource version 1.0 of the library for educational purposes and for contributing back to the community.

This library was born in the dark age where LINQ did not exist and O/R Mapping was still a strange buzz word for the .NET word. The library is now more appropriate for education and researching than a modern tool.

Currently, we are secretly cooking a new programming paradigm that aim to help developers build cross-platform, cross-device applications in 1/10th the time. You might want to check out this productive programming framework.

Please feel free to give us a shout. We warmly welcome fellow tech people.


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